‘I Don’t Know That You Believe What You’re Saying’| JJ Redick Schools Stephen A. Smith On How Feared LeBron Is Across The League

Stephen A. Smith was up to his daily outlandish takes that often lack substance Tuesday on ESPN’s “First Take.” ESPN’s highest-paid talking head often spews controversial takes and then proceeds to yell over anyone who isn’t in agreement.

That was the scene as retired 15-year NBA veteran JJ Redick joined ESPN to challenge SAS’s crazy take on LeBron James.

Smith’s take was that LBJ isn’t feared like Michael Jordan was. This comes on the heels of the altercation which took place between James and Pistons’ big man Isaiah Stewart on Sunday night. James elbowed Stewart, drawing blood. Once Stewart realized he was leaking he went ballistic, trampling over people in an attempt to get at LeBron in retalitation.

Stephen A. Smith is saying players wouldn’t have tried MJ during his reign as the league’s best player.

LeBron James Catches One-Game Suspension, Stewart Two From Elbow Gate | Should The League Face Get Less Time As The Offender?

Stephen A. Smith vs JJ Redick: Passionate And Borderline Heated Debate

In a segment that was suppose to be about the suspensions or lack thereof levied in response to the skirmish in the Motor City, SAS quickly turned it into a debate about how other players around the league perceive LeBron. It’s no secret that SAS has long been a Michael Jordan apologist when it comes to the debating MJ vs Bron. That’s one of the biggest non-debates in the history of the game … but that’s for another day.

Stephen A’s Take 

“With LeBron James, you believe you can take him. You believe he can be had.”

Redick’s Rebuttal 

“I don’t know whether to believe that you believe what you’re saying. That’s crazy.”

“I played the game. I played against LeBron in the playoffs. I played against him for 15 years.”

Redick also stated that he’s never seen a player challenge James to the degree that Stewart did, poiting out that Stewart acted as is if he wanted to put hands on James. At the same time, he had about a five-second window to respond to the elbow and hesitated.

“The Dukie” brings a ton of wealth and knowledge about the league to the show. So his response is one that should garner some real merit.

Redick isn’t the first willing guest to get in the ring and go full fisticuffs with SAS.

Jay Williams has also had no fear of mixing it up wit the top ESPN personality. That’s what’s needed, as SAS likes to bully guys into submission, but these former NBA players and Duke legends didn’t allow him to do that. He’s got to come with some serious facts against them and if not, he will be forced to backtrack and revise his outlandish statements.

Just another day on the most watched daytime soap operas on TV.

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