Muhammad Ali Jr. Interviewed On Recent Immigration Detainment

Muhammad Ali Jr. gave some more details into his detainment by immigration officials on CBS this Morning. How ironic is it that he and his mother were detained at a Florida airport and asked about their religion as they returned from giving a black history speech in Jamaica.

According to a family spokesman, they were flagged for their Arabic-sounding names. However, Customs and Border Protection said that it treats all travelers with respect and sensitivity.

The play-by-play of the incident didnt seem too friendly and the Customs officials who questioned Ali, Jr. for an hour and 45 minutes have got to be the dumbest dudes on the planet if they never heard of the great American hero Muhammad Ali.  Or they just wanted to mess with a Muslim. Or give a brother a hard time.

Lord knows thats always in play when traveling abroad. Ali, Jr. says he’s never been detained before, has never been convicted of a crime and has no idea why he was detained other than the fact he is a Muslim. 

He and his mother went through  an ordeal of questioning mostly pertaining to their religion. Alis treatment as a full-blooded American and son of an American legend was deplorable. Its another embarrassing, oppressive and intolerable action by our country and some would say a frightening indication about what is to come during this New Order Trump Era in America.

Theres not an American in this country more American than the son of Muhammad Ali. Just disgraceful.

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