MTV Drowning Jersey Shore After 6th Season

Buppies everywhere – the publicly self-righteous ones…or is that the only kind? – continue with outrage directed at the “Love and Hip Hop” series and the “harm it does to our race.” Against that contextual backdrop, we get news that, after six seasons, VH-1s big brother MTV is retiring “Jersey Shore” – this era’s landmark depiction of reality-TV ethnic cartoons.

During its relevant years, you could google Jersey Shore and read dozens upon dozens of serious-minded analyses of Pauly D and JWow’s role in America’s moral decline. It was that real. And at the show’s apex, Snooki, The Situation and the gang were cultural forces of nature. Snooki made the cover of Rolling Stone. They were getting’ that money, too.

In its wake, I wonder how pop culture critics and sociologists will eulogize “Jersey Shore.”

I watched more than a few episodes the first two seasons, falling victim to the zeitgeist. But, with my curiosity satiated, I moved on easily. I typically don’t do reality-TV, unless forced by a female family member/friend. I will say this, though: Those kids stretched their 15 minutes into a couple hours and few more $Ms. Shoutout to Angelina.

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