Moron Does Not Begin To Describe Gilbert Arenas

In February, we featured Gilbert Arenas in our “C’Mon Son!” column, a space dedicated to folks whose foolish behaviors are questionable at best, and idiotic at worst. Formerly known by his popular “Agent Zero” nickname while in the NBA, Arenas continues to reveal himself as a mentally bankrupt real life zero.

He is literally an embarrassment to himself at this point, but he really seems to think that he’s simply being funny. And the sad part is that there are other fools out there who support this type of mental midgetry, saying things like Gilbert deserves to have his own show. 

His latest bout with idiocy came in the form of a visit to Nick Young’s house, which he videotaped and posted on Snapchat.

In front of Young’s son, Gilbert goes from asking why he cheats all the time, to asking, “Where the B***** at?”  He torments Young’s son by tossing his toy and saying, “Get the f*** off the couch,” before saying that he’s heard about Young’s problems with his baby mama.

Arenas proceeds to call himself the new O.J., while flashing a knife and saying that he’ll take care of her. He makes fun of Young’s son, who is crying after getting hit in the face with a basketball. He asks the boy if he likes him. When he says, “No,” Arenas says, “I don’t like you either,” while grabbing his scooter and throwing it. 

Gilbert is free to be as dumb as he wants to be, and Nick Young is obviously equally as dumb to stand by and smile at this spectacle.

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(Photo Credit: USA Today)

But here’s the problem. What kind of example was that interaction for Young’s son?

And people think this is funny? What kind of example of manhood does this young child have in front of him right here? He’s absorbing his father laughing at a friend who’s constantly asking, “Where’s the B*****?”, who’s joking about killing a woman, who bullies, mocks and torments him.

As my friend’s father was fond of saying, Gilbert Arenas is actually too stupid to be considered an idiot. He’s an imbecile who obviously thinks it’s cool and funny to act like this, and to treat someone else’s child that way.

He’s gone from a quirky NBA star to a moronic, reprehensible clown. Gilbert was fun, entertaining, engaging and interesting 10 years ago. Today, far from it. I used to be a fan of the player. Today, I truly feel sorry for him and the emptiness between his ears.

And I feel even more sorry for Nick Young’s son and hope he doesn’t have to spend one more minute being exposed to Arenas’ foolishness.

Funny? A guy deserving of his own show? Really? It’s a terribly sad testament to how low our standards have fallen, when people can’t distinguish between humor, folly and ignorance.

And for anyone who chooses to sit there and smile while your child is on the receiving end of Arenas’ doltishness, well you’re a special kind of dunce as well.

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