Warren Moon Strikes Back At Sexual Harassment Claims

On Thursday, Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon spoke with USA TODAY Sports regarding allegations of sexual harassment made against him by a former personal assistant.  During the interview, he admitted sleeping in the same bed with his employee, but categorically denied most of her other claims. He also says his accuser, Wendy Haskell, threatened him.

 We got a demand letter that says they want $3 million and that all these different accusations that she made up, Were going public with this if you dont pay us $3 million, Moon, 61, told USA TODAY Sports. This was sent on my birthday, so I know this was personal.

Moon says the letter, e-mailed Nov. 18, stated, If you dont pay $3 million by Dec. 5, were going to go public with these allegations.

The suit was filed in Orange County, Calif., on Dec. 4.

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You can read the full lawsuit from Wendy Haskell against Warren Moon here. Moon denies drugging her, but admits having female employees sleep in the bed with him is a normal thing and he doesn’t see it as unusual https://t.co/n03GGzwC1X

In the lawsuit, Haskell alleges Moon grabbed her crotch during a business trip to Seattle. He is accused of slipping a drug into her drink during a trip to Mexico. He denies those accusations. He is also said to have required, Haskell, 32, to wear thong underwear and share his bed during business trips.

Moon, divorced, doesnt deny that he slept in the same bed with Haskell, but  says he did so on occasion for months before he hired her. The weird part in the interview is he still doesnt see it as a problem that he was sleeping in the same bed as this woman.

“This started months and months before she ever started working for me, Moon said. We were both in the same place, relationship-wise, in our lives. We werent looking for a committed relationship. We were both hanging out.

I have plenty of female friends that Ive slept in the same bed with and havent done anything with, and it was the same thing with her. It never went beyond that in any way, shape, form or fashion, and she doesnt even allege that, any sex or anything like that. Sex was never a part of this.

 It wasnt something she was ordered to do, he said. But again, there was nothing I was doing that was inappropriate, nothing that she wasnt comfortable with the whole time she was with me before, or after she was working with me.

Asked if its possible that he didnt grasp her comfort level, Moon said, I think we had a close enough relationship where she could have told me if any of this was uncomfortable.

By the tone of the interview, it appears clear that Moon just doesn’t get it. I don’t care if you knew her in a past life, if she works for you, you can’t sleep in the same bed as it is considered unethical. Ha, there’s a term that’s falling out of practice. 

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