Money Mayweather Makes More Paper Off Johnny Manziel Than Manziel

Mayweather's sports gambling habits are widely publicized. Not by MSNBC or Bloomberg, but by Mayweather himself. Week 4 of the college fooball season featured an excessive amount of "money games" blowouts. Texas A&M actually played a D-I foe, but it still became a "money game" for another reason. During a segment on Howard Stern's radio show on Wednesday, Mayweather bragged about placing a $220,000 bet on the Texas A&M-SMU game that nobody else watched and told the host that "Johnny Football never has an off day."

However, as most gamblers know, it's not Johnny Manziel that's unreliable. Their defense gushes points and on any given night can ruin a gambler's night. Once Mayweather is done chasing Rocky Marciano's 49-0 record and hangs up his gloves, he should just spend his free time offering up gambling advice on the 24/7 TMT Network. Just keep winning Mayweather. Nobody wants to see you on the next ESPN 40 for 40: Broke series. If Manziel is such a good luck charm, we could definitely see him joining Floyd, Bieber and Weezy during his next pay-per-view Showtime ring walk. It's bound to happen.