MMA’s Marlon Sandro Faces 20 Years In Prison For Attack On Fiancee

MMA fighter and trainer Marlon Sandro was charged with assault on his fiance, Tayssa Wuensche. Pictures of the victim with a bandaged arm and a bruise on her right eye gained steam on social networks, along with reports of past aggression. 

Shortly after the campaign spread, Ded Pederneiras, leader of Nova Unio, team to which Sandro is affiliated that was made famous by Jose Aldo, announced through a statement that the fighter was now disconnected from the team.

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The former Sengoku featherweight champion now faces charges stemming from two separate incidents on December 14 and February 9.  

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He was accused of attacking his fiance on Dec. 14 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Sandro allegedly injured Wuensches arm, choked her out in the middle of the street, and kept punching and kicking her after she woke back up.

Wuensche said she was threatened by Sandro at 6:30 p.m. local time that day. Wuensche didnt request protection in a public shelter, the report reads, but Sandro was charged under the Lei Maria da Penha, a law that protects women from domestic violence. 

According to the police report, an intoxicated Sandro allegedly broke into Wuensches home on Feb. 9 and threatened her with a knife, choking her with a pillow whenever she started crying. Sandro allegedly threatened to end her life, claiming she had ruined his career, the report reads. Per the police report, Wuensche was later saved by her mother and brother after she managed to text her.

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Sandro is facing charges of attempted murder for the December incident and could be facing up to 20 years in jail if found guilty.

The rampant domestic violence cases in MMA have been piling up over the years, like War Machine’s attempted murder and rape of his then-girlfriend, Christy Mack. The man born as Jon Koppenhaver is now serving life in a Nevada prison

With rampant steroid usage now being exposed by U.S. Anti-Doping Association (USADA), chemical imbalances and unchecked repressed emotions are being taken out on the loved ones of the cage’s biggest stars.   

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