MLB Players Weekend Features Fashion and Funky Nicknames On Jerseys

MLB is trying to get its swagger up and appeal to a hipper audience with its “Players Weekend” festivities from August 25-27. 

Jordan Crosbie on Twitter

I want to get Chris Sale’s players weekend jersey mostly because of the Stickman club @MichaelRapaport @BillSimmons #PlayersWeekend

MLB players will wear alternate jerseys inspired by youth league designs, and they can also replace last names with nicknames on jersey nameplates. They can also wear custom-designed flashy equipment, from batting gloves to bats, that shows their personalities.

Crush Shot Sports on Twitter

PittsburghPirates #TeamPirates Cutch jersey, bright gear for Players Weekend –

Baseball has always been a very traditional, strict and by the book sport, so this new fashion allowance is a big deal. Football players fancying up their cleats is one thing. It’s a brutally beautiful game of ego and bravado. 

But baseball is considered a gentlemans game and rarely do players get to flex their funkier side. 

This Players Weekend breaks the monotony of a very methodical game and fans are sure to get a kick out of it as they will have many opinions on the various monikers. provided a list of top 101 nicknames that will be worn this weekend.  

They even did a Top 15 list.

Some of the more fashion-conscious players will surely take advantage of it. Others have refused to rock a nickname. Fans, however,  are already purchasing the nickname jerseys in anticipation of an outside-of-the-box MLB fashion weekend. 

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