MLB Opening Day: The Launch of, COVID-19 Strikes & 60 Games Won’t Get It Done In 2021

MLB Opening Day is here and Black Knights are on the move and ready to break records, raise standards and contribute to the culture of the 2021 MLB season. 

Opening Day is also the launch of Rob Parker’s new website, which specializes in highlighting and covering Black and brown players in major league baseball, while also helping to cultivate and discover the next generation of baseball writers and content creators of color, to keep the sport going and the journalistic side of reporting the sport honest. 

Black baseball players helped build baseball into the billion-dollar industry it is today. The addition of brothers on the pro diamond helped elevate baseball to “National Pastime” status. As the number of African-Americans decreased so has baseball’s elite standing as “America’s Game.” focuses on the soul of the game and the dynamic brothers who show and prove the invaluable contributions of Blacks in MLB since 1947.

Soul Starters

Unless something changes, by the first pitch, there will be approximately 27 Black and Brown players in starting positions on Opening Day 

That’s excluding guys like outfielders Trent Grisham, Kyle Lewis and George Springer who are injured and starting the year on the injured list. 

If you add the other 8 starting pitchers, then approximately 35 Black players will start the season functioning in some sort of starter role 

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Barring COVID, we should get in 162 games this season, after just 60 in 2020. MLB has already felt the lingering effects of COVID. 

The Mets vs. Nationals Opening Day game has been canceled. On Monday, a Nats player tested positive for COVID at least four other Nationals players and a staffer are in quarantine. 

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