Miguel Cotto fires back at Oscar De La Hoya over WBC criticism 

We’re only three days away from the highly anticipated Cotto-Alvarez bout on Saturday and the tension between their two camps has gotten thick.

Oscar de La Hoya, Canelo’s promoter was highly critical of Miguel Cotto’s decision to skip paying $300,000 in sanctioning fees, a choice that ultimately cost him his WBC middleweight belt. 

Cotto decided that he’d rather keep the money in his pocket, and fired a shot right back at De La Hoya. 

Via CBSSports: 

“Ask Oscar to give $1.1 million to the WBC and wait for an answer,” Cotto said, per the website. “(Sulaiman) waited until the last minute to tell me the amount to put pressure on us to pay it. Including the $800,000 I had to pay for Golovkin to step aside, I would have paid $125,000. That’s a reasonable number for me. But he said no and I wouldn’t be their champion anymore. That’s alright. I don’t need the belt. I have enough belts in my house. With $1.1 million, I can but any belt that I want and be champion of whatever I want in my house.”

Even though Cotto will make millions of dollars in the upcoming bout, I can’t blame him for his unwillingness to pay over a million dollars to defend his own title. It’s pretty ridiculous. However, this back and forth banter between Cotto and Canelo’s camp adds a little more hype for a potentially great fight. Who do you think will be victorious?

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