“I Was Respectful Enough To Let 30 People Pass” | Stephen Jackson Tells His Side Of Security Guard Incident At The Canelo Fight

The internet was divided over an incident that occurred at the Canelo Alvarez vs. Jermell Charlo fight on Saturday night. Following the fight, ex-NBA player Stephen “Stak” Jackson was present with his family trying to exit the arena. Security can be seen on the video asking Stak to wait as Canelo’s family went by first. Stak appeared to be cool with it at first, but as the procession of people continued he became annoyed and ushered his family out.

“I waited for 30 people,” he explained in a social media video. “If he has 40 more people that’s family, then they’re gonna have to wait. I was respectful to wait for 30 people. I gotta get out of here too.”

Fair Or Foul?

That seems fair. How long are you supposed to wait? If you’ve ever been in the bowels of an arena after a huge PPV fight, it’s insane. There are all sorts of people running around, including fighter’s families, celebrities and their crews, etc.

It is also true that famous people and former athletes, etc. don’t like to wait for anyone. Users on X, formerly Twitter, were divided.

“What he supposed to do stand there while the parade of 50 family members goes by?” said one response to the video on X. “That’s Jack consistent personality to respond that way. Nothing new.. I completely understand why he didn’t feel the need to be held up for them.”

“You’re probably the type to go to a funeral and argue it’s unfair the family gets all the best seats,” said another, arguing in the replies.

This Kind Of Thing Happens All The Time

It’s fair for security to ask for Canelo’s family to be allowed through. It’s also true that someone who might be a friend of someone in Canelo’s family or even a degree of separation removed from that would try and take advantage of being in that “family” group. Multiple people might in fact try that.

At the end of the video Stak posted on social media explaining what happened he finished with “I bet you won’t put your hands on nobody no more.”

As for the fight, Alvarez dominated in a lopsided unanimous-decision victory of his undisputed super middleweight championship. His record is 60-2-2.

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