Andy Reid’s Passion For Teaching The Game Rubbed Off On Michael Vick

Michael Vick once revolutionizing the quarterback position, now he’s pursuing the path of teacher of the game. 

His evolution as a person continues to reach new heights and Vick continues to make the most of the second chances that hes received and the golden relationships hes forged along the way. 

The Washington Post reported that the former NFL quarterback, whose game-changing career was intercepted by his conviction for dog fighting, is back with his mentor and former head coach Andy Reid. 

In 2009, Reid was leading a solid Philadelphia Eagles squad and offered Vick a chance to resume his playing career after his released from prison. Reid, now the coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, has brought Vick in as a coaching intern.

As a recipient of a Bill Walsh Minority Coaching Fellowship, Vick is interning at the team’s training camp in St. Joseph, Missouri.

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I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process..

 Andy was great, he was like a mentor, Vick told ESPNs Adam Schefter in a podcast last month. He was a guy you could talk with about anything that came up.

Vick is now 37 years old and years removed from being the human highlight film that he was for the Atlanta Falcons as a young NFL player. It was with Reid however that Vick wrote his finest chapter in life, taking advantage of his second chance and passing for 8,769 yards and 52 touchdowns from 2009 to 2012 under the coach’s offensive tutelage with the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Reid’s passion for coaching has rubbed off on Vick. 

I think my heart is really into teaching, you know, the game of football, Vick, told Schefter. At some point, Id definitely love to help work with young quarterbacks and develop them and still compete, you know, with the team and with the coaches.

Reid has been one of those constants for Vick in a career that had its share of ups and downs and winding roads. Every person who hits rock bottom and then rises back from the ashes has a helping hand or two along the way. Most NFL teams wouldnt touch Vick when he came out of federal prison. Reid was there to help the embattled baller enhance his all-around quarterbacking abilities and rebuild his career, his finances and his character. 

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Andy Reid and others share thoughts on Mike Vick interning with Chiefs

Reid isnt giving out charity, hes simply developing talent like hes always done. Reid told local reporters that Vick is a multi-talented dude and his abilities extend far beyond the football field.  

Hes one of those guys that whatever he wanted to do, he could do, Reid said. He could go into TV, radio, coaching, whatever, I mean hes a good people person you know hes quiet, but hes a good people person and he speaks well, and just has a good way about him.

Unsurprisingly, helping people and cultivating the youth is Vick’s driving force now. He finally and thoroughly realizes the power of his persona and potential to not only toss a football but influence thousands of lives. 

Vick started on his path of giving back as part of his rehabilitation and proof that he was remorseful and reformed after his dog fighting fiasco that became one of the biggest stories in American sports history, making him a villain. As resilient as he is gifted, Vick recreated his image and during that process, he began to see life differently and genuinely adopt the new direction, morals and principles that he was forced to generically embrace if he ever wanted to play football again and revamp his image. 



This coaching internship is bigger than Mike Vick bustin ass in flag football. Hes becoming accepted back into the NFLs good graces and hes observing how Kansas City’s coaches move and interact with players. Hes basically being introduced to the 36 chambers of Master coaching. 

I really couldnt relay the messages I want to relay to a high school kid because you cant be as complex [with offensive schemes]. I get that, he told Schefter. On the collegiate level, on the professional level, you can express ideas, you can go into details and you can coach harder thats what I want to do. Id love to coach in the NFL one day

With  continued support from men such as Reid and Tony Dungy, a rebirth of popularity among common folk who once detested him, and Vicks genuine commitment to building his legacy on a highly respectable and influential note, dont bet against him acquiring that coaching job one day in the near future. 

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