Michael Irvin Is Still Haunted By Bizarre Nightmarish Super Bowl Week Incident That Put Him “In A Dark Place”

Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Irvin has been through a lot since Super Bowl week when he was accused of sexual misconduct. A female employee at the hotel’s lobby accused Irvin of “harassing and inappropriate” comments toward her.

As a result, Irvin was removed from the NFL Network’s panel and Super Bowl week coverage. Since then, “The Playmaker,” as he’s affectionately known, has been pretty much out of the loop.

Currently engaged in a legal battle with the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel, a property managed by Marriott International, Irvin’s legal team has filed three separate lawsuits, with the biggest one reportedly being one for $100 million filed in Texas. 

That lawsuit since has been dropped, but there was a a third one filed not long ago after, reportedly for an undisclosed amount. Since that February incident, Irvin has been quiet, and that’s more than likely because of the legal ramifications of a still ongoing investigation. But on Saturday, the three-time All-Pro responded to a tweet saying this. 

“You might be right bro ….  But I was in a dark place from dealing with all that stuff since Super Bowl I had to get away. Thanks bro! 

Irvin’s response was to a fan telling him he should’ve stayed in Miami so he could enjoy Hurricanes alumni weekend and see the UFC fight between Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira. Irving reportedly struggled to find a place in Brazil to watch it, but was able to catch it.

Irvin Was Pumped During UFC Fight

Irvin, just like most others who watched Adesanya put Pereira to sleep, was hyped. It was the happiest Irvin has been since he was removed from the NFL Network’s Super Bowl team. The former three-time All-Pro even yelled this in excitement ….

“Did y’all see that!? I found a spot in Brazil to watch the fight! Oh my God! I don’t even know these jokers! But we watched the fight together! …. Oh my god, we’re going to have a three! We’re going to have a three!

“And we all decided, before the fight, if there’s a three, we’re all going to it together. We’re going to it together! I was hiding from these, and they found me in Brazil!”

Irvin Hasn’t Been On ESPN Either 

Since the investigation began, Irvin who had a weekly spot on ESPNs “First Take” with Stephen A. Smith hasn’t been on the show since before the Super Bowl. His good friend and “First Take” host Stephen A. Smith took to his “Know Mercy” podcast to say he watched the video and all he saw was a 45-second conversation between Irvin and the woman. 

In that instance, Smith also stated that while he has no idea what was said, he expects the authorities to do their due diligence and sort this out. Until then he’s gonna wait for his good friend to return to the set of the NFL Network and ESPN. 

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