Michael Bennett’s Social Activism Will Shine In Philly

During his five-year NFL stint in Seattle, defensive end Michael Bennett has been at the forefront of protesting, speaking up and acting against America’s false promises to people of color and the blatant inequities that exist at every level of society. 

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A number of Seahawks sat during the National Anthem as a continued protest of racial inequality.

An Era is officially over in Seattle. In the same week that team leader and All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman is released, the Seahawks trade Bennett and a seventh-round pick to the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles for a fifth-round pick and wide receiver Marcus Johnson. 

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I’m told DE Michael Bennett is going to be traded to the Philadelphia #Eagles.

The Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots, Cleveland Browns and Tampa Bay Buccaneers were all in the mix to acquire Bennett, sources confirmed to ESPN.

Bennetts arrival in Philadelphia has many more layers than just football, as the Eagles are among the most woke teams as a collective. The Players Coalition, which was co-founded by Eagles star Malcolm Jenkins and Anquan Boldin earlier this year, has worked closely with the NFL which has committed $90 million to a new social justice initiative that supports efforts and programs to combat social inequality.

Jenkins, defensive end Chris Long and wide receiver Torrey Smith have been some of the more vocal players on the social justice front. Jenkins demonstrated during the national anthem for a season-plus before the Players Coalition’s partnership with the NFL was announced in late November.

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free meek mill

If anything funny goes down with the owners attempting to suppress the players rights to express themselves, we will all hear the dogs barking in Philly. The addition of Bennett to a socially conscious, metropolitan city that benefits from players dedicated to community improvement, has made Philadelphia The Wakanda of the NFL. Tie in the themes of black judicial injustice and oppression as it relates to the Meek Mill case and Pennsylvanias historically corrupt legal system and Bennett fits in perfectly in Philly. All of the players, white and black, seem to understand the message that Colin Kaepernick was sending. 

Michael Bennett was a leader on the field and in the locker room for the Seattle Seahawks and their vaunted Legion of Boom defense. He helped them win a Super Bowl in 2014 and has been one of the faces and outspoken advocates of the Colin Kaepernick-inspired NFL protests designed to bring attention to the racism, sexism, social injustices and police brutality thats prevalent in our country. He was basically labeled a communist by President Trump during the national anthem wars that raged out of control and somehow turned into a narrative about Black NFL players disrespecting the military. 

Now, hes gone and while the Seattle inner-city loses a strong advocate, the Philadelphia Eagles will benefit from what the defensive end brings to the table. 

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Thank you Seattle. https://t.co/fRxKPInaAI

Bennett has been on the front line of Seattles battle to overcome injuries and aging players and stay relevant as an upper echelon NFL franchise. Despite nagging injuries, Bennett was still a present force for the Seahawks last year. He had 24 quarterback hits and 8.5 sacks.  

Bennett has always played the front lines of a contentious philosophical and psychological war between the players and the owners, between societys freedom riders and those oppressive mentalities that want to keep certain groups of people disenfranchised in this country.

He was one of the high-profile NFL stars who was influenced to take a knee after the vicious murders of innocent people of color at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Seattle was one of the few NFL franchises that somewhat supported their players kneeling for the anthem and being outspoken about the issues that deeply affected them, The police and our President, however, made it clear that those protesting players were now targets

Michael Bennett Police Takedown Video, ‘I Wasn’t Doing Nothing Man’ | TMZ Sports

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Bennett is ready for the change. He told The News Tribunes Gregg Bell on New Years Eve, I probably wont be back next year. Just seems like its a young mans game. I can see them going younger, with younger players. Thats part of the game.

Ever since since Kaepernick sparked the Conscious Player’s Movement, Bennett has attacked social issues with the same vigor he attacks ball carriers and quarterbacks. Philly seems like such a perfect fit because In The CIty of Brotherly Love Bennett can still do grown man things. 

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