Method Man Returns To His Park Hill Basics, Battles Math Hoffa To Debut New League

If anyone knows battle rap, it would be Math Hoffa.

In 2009, the very first battle on the Ultimate Rap League featured him and Dot Mobb lieutenant, T-Rex. Before then, Hoffa was one of the faces (no voices) on MTV’s Fight Klub bursting on the scene to carve out his space as a legend in battle rap culture. If you consider the metrics of all 45 of his filmed battles and 27,131,712 views that they have garnered —you see that he does not only know the culture but the culture knows him. If you consider his hit talk show, My Expert Opinion, you might come to the consensus that the culture not only knows him … but trusts him.

Well, Math Hoffa sure hopes that is true.

Legends Only League: Math vs Meth

Hoffa has recently launched his own league called Legends Only and will need that support to score as big as his aim.

Just as URL went big for their first event, securing two of the top names in the culture, he too went all out. He, like the league that currently has the culture on lock, booked himself. But his opponent, he went straight to the swarm. The Wu-Tang Clan’s Method Man, a battle rap fan in his own right, goes into combat against PAC JUICE emcee.

What makes Method Man different from the other commercial rappers who have entered the ring? Well, one Method Man made his name as a battler in the Park Hill section of Staten Island— going from project to project killing other rappers (including some of his own Wu brothers). He also is the host of TBS show, Drop the Mic and a judge for Season two of the Ultimate Rap League and Caffeine, Ultimate Madness 2.

Math Hoffa was asked how he got connected to Method Man and he said, “Meth is the big bro!” And because of their brotherly connection, there was not a lot of begging to get him involved. In fact, according to Hoffa, Tical immediately said, “Yes.”

Both rappers are known to be fierce competitors, so when asking who would best the other, Math responded: “You have to subscribe to my YouTube channel to get those details. If you hit the notification bell, you can instantly get the alert when it drops and judge for yourself. That’s the beauty of battle rap, you get to judge the outcome for yourself.”

He continued, “This will be the highest form of a rap artist’s expression … period. So in that competition takes a backseat to excellence and two emcees with the desire of being ‘legendary’ hence the name.

“This is the dream come true and a league that we have been waiting for,” He continued. “As a legend in the culture and a fan of hip-hop, there’s no way to lose. I can’t lose as a businessman. Fans can’t lose as viewers. We all win. It is just that beautiful.”

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