Meek Mill’s Creative License Revoked After Kobe Line

Meek Mill stepped over the creative line this time.

After an audio clip surfaced yesterday of a new Meek Mill x Lil Baby collaboration, the lyrics were investigated with fraudulent results.

The name of the song is unconfirmed, however, Genius reports it as Don’t Worry (RIP Kobe).

Yeah, and if I ever lack, I’m goin’ out with my chopper, it be another Kobe

Sh*t, I could tell that they ain’t never know me
‘Cause if they knew me they would’ve never showed me

According to reports, the song first leaked in October of 2020, however, Twitter felt the time was now to scorch Meek for his perceived disrespect of the legendary player.

Rightfully so.

Just Craft Better

First off, the line from a rap creative standpoint is trash because it is unnecessary. Meek could have structured the line any other way to fit in an imaginary gun for his fear of economic problems.

Comparing his inability to transition to another positive hustle if he ever “lacks” and reverting back to a mentality he rails against after being victimized by the penal system is irresponsible.

You can’t hang out with NFL owners like Robert Kraft and Sixers owner, Josh Harris, spouting prison reform on one occasion and then compromise your message to youth to set up a line that totally disgraces the unfortunate accidental death of a sports icon.

Interestingly, the entertainment world has been roasting Meek Mill for his confrontation with Daniel “Tekashi 6ix9ine” Hernandez at a Miami nightclub.

Meek believes that the rap world’s most notorious informant attempted to compromise his status as a free man. Still, Meek couldn’t turn the other cheek, although understandable given the vitriol many have towards Hernandez.

It exposes a deeper rift as commercial rap music has remained the staple of popular culture. The balance between creative license, social and moral responsibility, and public perception.

You would think Meek Mill would know that any line referencing Kobe Bryant’s death without extreme tact is a dangerous proposition.

However, like many who were never groomed for fame and rewarded for lyrical bad behavior, Meek still doesn’t understand where the boundaries lie.

With the proliferation of social media and content, the world has never been more tuned in and flawed thinking he never been more scrutinized.

Meek Mill created a dumpster fire and the internet was there for it with a few extra packs of lighter fluid and free time.

The question remains, will an industry that is ever evolving with the increased speed of technology, finally grapple with the consequences of increased visibility and social responsibility?

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