‘McDaniels Thought His Wife Was Attracted To Hillis’ | Former NFL Player Claims Fired Raiders Coach Josh McDaniels Was Threatened By Other Men In The Organization

The new Las Vegas Raiders are feeling fresh in their victory over the New York Giants on Sunday with their retooled leadership roster.

The team is now Black on Black on Black with a president, GM, and head coach from the diaspora, but the head coach replacement of Antonio Pierce from the Josh McDaniels era is receiving most of the limelight.

McDaniels was in his second year as the head coach. However, after losing to the 2-5 Chicago Bears on Oct. 22 and then the Detroit Lions on Oct. 30, both away games, the writing was on the wall but came much more dramatically than expected.

The McDaniels Demands

Additionally, reports indicate that McDaniels created a demanding work environment, facilitating a culture where people felt “overworked,” per ESPN. His interpersonal skills reportedly created a culture that became one of the “primary issues” that led to his firing.

However, former Denver Broncos tight end Nate Jackson claimed that McDaniels once traded a star player that the coach’s wife was attracted to.

“McDaniels’ ego wasn’t only fragile on the field,” wrote Nate Jackson on Defector. “He famously shipped out running back Peyton Hillis because, rumor had it, McDaniels thought his wife was attracted to Hillis. For those of us accustomed to being handled with class —Shanahan, agree with him or not, could be counted upon for this — Josh’s approach to leadership left much to be desired.”

Jackson explained how he found out he was cut from the team was impersonal and rude.

Petty Wap

“Case in point: I found out my Broncos career was over from a message left on my parents’ answering machine. ‘Honey, there’s something I think you need to listen to.’ When I tried to contact Josh for an explanation, his secretary told me he was in a meeting and that he’d call me back. He never did.”

Some Raiders players voiced their concerns to team owner Mark Davis in a team meeting, and ultimately, the decision to fire McDaniels, general manager Dave Ziegler and offensive coordinator Mick Lombardi was made. McDaniels only made it two full seasons through his six-year contract with the Raiders in January 2022.

Now, with Antonio Pierce, the Raiders seem to be happier, and as the stories about McDaniels keep coming out, he is looking more like a culture shift as much as a play strategist.

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