“Maybe We Should Set Up A Cage Match” | Kyler Murray, Deebo Samuel Playing Poker, While Cardinals GM Steve Keim Wants To Wrestle Murray’s Agent

All offseason reports have been circulating the contention that Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray has decided he won’t play a single down under his current contract, which pales in comparison to those of other starting QBs of his ilk. While San Francisco 49ers wideout Deebo Samuel formally requested a trade after not liking how he’s being used by the Niners and how underpaid he is.

Both talented players just completed their third seasons in the league, meaning they’re still under team control for at least two more seasons when you factor in this season and the fifth-year option for 2023-24.

In an era of players having more control than in the past, Murray and Samuel have been unrelenting in an effort to strong arm their teams to either pay them or move them. The conflicting media opinions don’t help the situation. 

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NFL insider Adam Schefter and Ian Rappaport both reported the following:

 “Kyler Murray won’t be at Cardinals OTAs while he seeks a contract extension. Deebo Samuel won’t be at 49ers OTAs as he maintains his trade request.”

That’s each NFC West contender’s best player making demands that either you show them the money or else. While it’s only May, and there’s plenty of time to work through it, this isn’t exactly what you want from two imperative pieces to each roster.


Murray Has Long Been Adamant: No Bag, No Play

 In early February as the offseason began, Murray scrubbed his social media accounts of all things Cardinals. That’s the new-age way of saying you don’t like your current deal. After GM Steve Keim let it be known that Murray wouldn’t be traded, Kyler’s agent Erik Burkhardt sent the Cardinals a letter speaking about the 2019 No.1 overall pick’s feelings about being extended.

Telling them that “action speaks louder than words in this volatile business.”

 “It is now simply up to the Cardinals to decide if they prioritize their rapidly improving 24-year-old, already 2X Pro Bowl QB, who led the organization from 3 wins to before his arrival to 11 wins and their first playoff appearances in 5 years.”


On a recent appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show,” Cardinals GM Steve Keim made light of the situation with his star QB and agent.

 “I have a good relationship with Erik Burkhardt…Pat, as big of a wrestling fan as I am — and congrats on WrestleMania — I was thinking maybe we should set up a cage match between me and Burkhardt.”


Sounds like Keim is going to let Murray play out this season at $5.5 million and his fifth-year option at $29.7 million has already been picked up.


Deebo Wants To Be Traded Niners Aren’t Willing

As for Deebo, he flat-out wants a trade and hasn’t been afraid to let it be known. He says its about usage. He was used as a “wideback”, a combination of wide receiver and running back last season. It’s been well documented that Deebo is leery about the wear and tear of his job responsibilities and doesn’t want to be devalued before he can secure a huge bag. 

And San Fran isn’t offering that right now.

In how own recent appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show,” NFL insider Ian Rappaport talked about the hopes of salvaging things between Samuel and the Niners.

 “While the situation ’remains unsettled’ … I would say I think it gets settled. I don’t believe it gets settled right now, and there’s a lot of work that has to be done.”



With the two sides far apart, it’s been reported that the team won’t address Samuel’s contract until training camp in July. The team has no intentions of trading their star player, so the hope is they can come to a happy medium and get a deal done.

Murray and Samuel are joined by other star players Terry McLaurin, Lamar Jackson, Aaron Donald, Jessie Bates and Kenny Moore are all sitting out OTAs as they look to get the bag from their respective teams.

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