Matt Barnes Says A Healthy Golden State Warriors Squad Gets The Ring | Here’s Why

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It’s no secret that the Golden State Warriors have struggled of late, losing six of their past eight games and going 14-11 since Draymond Green has been sidelined due to injury. The team welcomed back shooting guard Klay Thompson in January, but as a precaution they’ve played a bit of mix and match with him trying to ease him back in. They’ve also played the entire season without their 2020 No. 2 overall pick, center James Wiseman.

But that hasn’t changed the mind of former Warriors player and current NBA analyst Matt Barnes, who believes this is the best team in the league. On a March 2 “SportsCenter” episode Barnes talked about the recent slump and even rumors that head coach Steve Kerr and superstar guard Stephen Curry weren’t seeing eye to eye. Barnes said scratch that, as it’s just ultimate competitors trying to right the ship before it sinks any further.

 “They’re going through a rough patch right now, but I’m not too worried considering Draymond has missed several games now, Klay has been in and out of the team with an illness. But at the end of the day, heading into the playoffs you’ve got to think that on any given time you can beat one team any given night.”
“But can you beat the Golden State Warriors four out of seven times, that’s the question. I think right now they understand they’ve been down that road before, that health is the main priority for this team, because when the team is healthy I feel like this is best team in the league.”

Talented Young Pieces Playing Vital Roles In Playoff Run


GM Bob Myers has been very shrewd in his moves, producing three talented young cornerstone pieces, in the aforementioned Wiseman in 2020, Jonathan Kuminga (No. 7) and Moses Moody (No. 14) in 2021. All have shown flashes of greatness for the Dubs, and the future looks bright.


Barnes is encouraged by the youth rush in Golden State. it’s an improved cast over what Curry has had to work with in Klay’s absence.

 “I love the youth this team has been able to add to the bench. Andre Iguodala is leading that bench crew, whether he’s playing or being there as a mentor for those younger players,” Barnes added. “I don’t think there’s very much concern over in the Bay Area, they know Draymond is on his way back, Klay is working his way back. And they know when those guys are healthy, they’re one of the best teams in the league.”

With their core of Steph, Draymond, Klay and Iggy being closer to the end of their prime, getting an injection of quality youth was vital. Andrew Wiggins was an All-Star starter, and looking at those three picks in the last two drafts, Golden State’s front office has done a great job of accruing, young quality pieces. And you can’t forget Jordan Poole, who filled in admirably as the starter for Thompson earlier this season.

Western Conference Will Be Tough To Maneuver

With the Phoenix Suns recognized as the best team in the league all season, and the upstart and steadily rising Memphis Grizzlies, the West is tough. You also have teams like the Utah Jazz, Dallas Mavericks, and Denver Nuggets, who are all ten or more games over .500. It won’t be an easy out in any playoff round.

Fans also can’t overlook the talented Minnesota Timberwolves and injury-plagued Clippers who may get star Paul George back soon. Coming out of the West will be a chore, but the Dubs have the talent. Now let’s see if they can put it all together.

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