Marshawn Lynch Dropped F-Bomb On Monday Night Football | FCC Fielded Interesting Complaints For Manning Brothers Broadcast

Marshawn Lynch is one of the most polarizing figures in America. His “Monday Night Football” appearance with the Manning brothers kept that energy alive.

Lynch joined Eli Manning’s notorious “flipping the bird” incident on the alternate Manning version of “Monday Night Football.” “Beast Mode” dropped expletives like the F-bomb live on TV.

FCC Wasn’t Tripping

To the chagrin of his haters, only two viewers in the whole country complained to the FCC.

Lynch casually said “f***” and “s***” in his Oakland, California, drawl while appearing virtually with Peyton and Eli Manning during Week 7 of the “ManningCast.”

The actual complaint was pretty general but stressed the family element as the reason Lynch’s actions were offensive.

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Meet The Complainants

“NFL Player Marshawn Lynch made an appearance on ‘Monday Night Football’ with Peyton & Eli and repeatedly said ‘s***’ and ‘f***’ on live prime time television,” a viewer from Dahlonega, Georgia, said.

“I had children in the room at the time, and I am very upset that ESPN allowed Marshawn Lynch to repeatedly curse on live TV. I have an expectation when I turn on ESPN that I will not have to remove children from the room.l

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“ESPN could have warned him of the rules for live television in advance, monitored his speech and conduct when he was on the air, and removed him immediately after the first curse word was uttered. This is totally unacceptable!

“Issuing an apology from Peyton is insufficient because it can’t take back what my children heard from Marshawn Lynch.”

New Rules

However, the FCC has no jurisdiction over ESPN or ESPN2. The FCC officially approved requests from CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and ESPN to be exempt from audio description rules required of top national non-broadcast networks.

The decision was based on the amount of non-live linear programming the networks offer per calendar quarter.

Marshawn Lynch Is Buying Up The Hood For The Hood

The other complainant came from Greensboro, North Carolina.

“The ESPN2 broadcast on Monday night was laced with vulgar words from Marshawn Lynch. Peyton Manning apologized for it, but there is no place on this type of show at this hour for this language.”

Nothing New Here

Marshawn’s appearance on the “Manningcast” was earlier in October’s NFL season.

However, television viewers have been sensitive with Black athletic blunders, like when the cameras caught LeBron adjusting his uniform, and viewers received a peek beneath the hood.

In 2015, LeBron James accidentally exposed himself on live TV during the NBA Finals.

According to reports, five people complained to the Federal Communications Commission when cameras showed LeBron adjusting himself during Game 4.

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Just Another Day At The Office

The complaints ran from:

“LeBron James showed his d*ck on national television and completely ruined my tinder date. It made us late for laser tag because I had to rewind it a few times to make sure thats exactly what we saw so we missed our bus. He clearly did it on purpose and hes not as good as Michael Jordan.”

To the absolute absurd:

“I am shocked and appalled! I don’t want my kids looking at male genitalia on broadcast television. I am ok with seeing female mammary glands, labia, vagina, etc, over broadcast but no more penis, please!”

Sports entertainment is full of candid moments, none of which are devoid of Black athletic gaffes eliciting national complaints.

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