Ex- NFL Star Marshawn Lynch Continues to Show Us He Is A National Treasure | Beast Mode Shined On ESPN’s ‘ManningCast’ (Video)

Former Super Bowl champion running back Marshawn Lynch was a guest on ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” “ManningCast,” and he did not disappoint.

Right out the gate he let brothers Peyton and Eli Manning know he was three shots deep on Henny. Lynch said he took one shot for himself, one for big bro (Peyton), and one for little bro (Eli).

Lynch, nicknamed Beast Mode, was a five-time Pro Bowl player, two-time All-Pro, and a two-time rushing touchdown leader during his NFL career. He was beloved by his teammates, and made sure he always repped and gave back to his native community of Oakland, California.

For those of us in the content business, he was and still is gold. Who could forget his famous Super Bowl XLIX media day session. “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.”

This was on the heels of that regular season where Lynch was fined heavily for refusing to do several media sessions as mandated by the collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and NFL Players Association.

Later that year, Lynch trademarked “I’m Just Here So I Won’t Get Fined.”

Lynch’s authenticity is what makes him so appealing. He is unapologetically himself. A Black man from Oakland who made millions playing a game. At once he understands the privilege and burden of it all.

We take sports very seriously in America, some would argue too seriously. There is both something noble and ridiculous in that notion all at once. Lynch understands that better than most.

On Monday night’s broadcast, Lynch managed to drop the F-bomb a few times. Sure, there are rules and regulations about language on television. But this is hilarious. Not because of the word. But Lynch momentarily forgetting the platform he’s on. He reacted to a botched play in a sport he knows intimately, likely how he did when he played.

Speaking of when Lynch played, you knew the Mannings weren’t going to let Lynch go without discussing one of the most shocking play calls in Super Bowl history.

Lynch’s appearance on the “ManningCast” lit up social media, with many fans calling for Lynch to become a regular broadcaster. It would certainly be more entertaining than a lot of what is out there.

There has and always will be an appetite from fans to get unfiltered commentary, a peek behind the curtain, if you will, on what really happens on the field of play or what an athlete is really thinking.

It’s what makes the “confessional” on reality television show so popular. We are fascinated by the mess.

But it’s unlikely Lynch decides to do this on a regular basis. That’s not the way he flows. Fans will have to settle for Beast Mode coming out every so often.

But when he does make sure you have your popcorn ready, because he is must-see TV.

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