Marshawn Lynch Could Still Get Fined….For a Hat.

After demanding that he show up for the Super Bowl Media Day or else he would face a fine, now the NFL appears to have found a way to fine Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch despite the fact that he showed up and "participated" during the media day session.

Now some outlets are reporting that the NFL might fine Lynch for wearing an unapproved "Beast Mode" hat. NFL rules states that players can't use their sanctioned Media Day to "promote a brand that was not approved by the league." Ironically, the hat sold out on the website; the power of Beast Mode.
Although the BeastMode apparel line supports Lynch's charity for underprivileged kids, the NFL's strict guidelines, and revenue stream, mandates that he can't wear any non-League approved apparel during their official media days. 
So although Lynch did as he was told, he will most likely still take an "L".