Mark Jackson Is One Step Closer To Being The Knicks’ Head Coach

Mark Jackson will finally meet with the Knicks on Wednesday about the teams head coaching position. No matter how analysts or media outlets feel about it, the New York fans have been begging for a change and The Shadow League has been calling for that instrument of change to be Action Jackson. 

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Mark Jackson will interview for the Knicks’ head coaching position on Wednesday, league sources tell ESPN.

Some media mouths are still clamoring for recycled coaching candidates such as Jeff Van Gundy to make a return to the Garden. 

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JVG and his 248 wins and 37 playoff wins isn’t good enough for the Knicks. Meanwhile, Stackhouse, Fizdale & Mark Jackson emerge as early front runners.

The Knicks organization, loyal fanbase and those with a pulse on the New York sports beat, understand that the franchise is at least a five-year plan away from being a contender and the majority of them want the St. John legend and New York sports titan to assume the helm and grind us back to respectability. 

Scott Perry, Steve Mills and Mark Jackson have an opportunity to make history as the first all-back President/GM/Coach combo in NBA history, to do change the culture and break some barriers down in the process. 

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1000000% in on the “Mark Jackson to the Knicks” campaign.

The process of hiring a head coach is not just about basketball with the Knicks, said ESPNs Stephen A. Smith. Its about a culture and its so bad. We have to do something and you have to understand what Mark Jackson brings. Forget the 51-31 his last season as head coach of Golden State Warriors… The culture of NY Knick and what’s transpiring. In order to build you have to have a structure in place.

Mark Jackson, who’s known for being no nonsense and honest with basketball matters… If he’s in New York… youre talking about a coach who will be the spokesperson… and that’s what you need.  

The Knicks need a program builder and if you look around the league at the guys who have bult programs from scratch, the truth is you can’t really find any. Mark Jackson accomplished that with the Golden State Warriors before Steve Kerr rode a championship -ready product to two championships. 

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Why Mark Jackson is the right Jackson to coach the Knicks:

“The hardest thing to get an NBA team to do is play hard every night and or build through the draft,” said Champ Guru, an NBA analyst and national radio show contributor. “While Mark Jackson was at Golden State, they drafted Steph Curry, Klay Thompson andDraymond Green and these guys went on to become core of a championship team. With that impressive track record, how could Knicks fans not get excited.”  

“In fact, Jackson would actually be taking a bigger risk by joining the Knicks than the team would of signing him to be coach.”

The franchise is traditionally a place where head coaches go to become assistants at their next destination. The Knicks have been a mess and with Kristaps Porzingis health always in the balance, Jackson would be starting his regime without his franchise piece at 100 percent and from past accounts, not totally committed to being in New York. 

That shouldn’t stop either side from consummating a marriage that is long overdue. 

Other candidates include Jerry Stackhouse who has a G-League championship under his belt and will also interview this week. Former Memphis coach David Fizdale is also among the hopefuls, but Jackson is the guy if the Knicks are trying to hit a homerun and re-establish the legitimacy of the franchise. 

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