Malcolm Butler Refutes Media Speculation About His Super Bowl Benching

The mystery of Malcolm Butlers benching in Super Bowl 52 took another turn as the Patriots defensive back released a statement refuting the reports of various reputable media personalities as to why he was benched by head coach Bill Belichick. 

Malcolm CB Butler on Twitter

Belichick said it was a personal decision he made and felt that Butlers backup Eric Rowe, give them a better chance to win. That didnt really make much sense and most figured the answer was a coverup because Belichick didn’t want to reveal that Butler either missed curfew, was smoking weed or had other disciplinary problems that led to him being limited to a couple of special team snaps in the Super Bowl. Either way, it seemed as if Butler was being made an example of to strengthen Belichick’s rep as an old school, by-the-book, hardass. 

Butler says he never did any of the ridiculous activities being reported. He also says they are hurtful to himself and his family. He says he spent every night of the Super Bowl week with his family and didnt go out to any activities as was reported. 

This entire situation is disturbing from how supposedly reputable media folk crafted multi-hour radio and TV shows around speculation involving Butler that he says is 100 percent false, to how his reputation was being defamed in the process. 

If what Butler is saying is true, then his benching was purely a football decision by Belichick. If that’s the case then Bill has to take the blame in failing his team and missing the mark on that call. We also must blame the Twittersphere and media outlets who were using sources that came up as lame as the Patriots did in Super Bowl 52.

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