Magna Carter Holy Grail Tracklist Revealed

    The religious allegories in their most recent album titles and fatherhood aren’t the only thing Kanye West and Jay-Z have in common. Like Kanye’s Yeezus, info on Magna Carter Holy Grail has been scant.  Well, aside from the three-minute commercial millions of NBA fans saw last Sunday, mums been the word.

    On Saturday, the tracklist was finally revealed after a scavenger hunt conducted by Roc Nation, but the mystery around Jigga’s July 4th release remains. It’s a wise business move. Mystery creates suspense and suspense improves album sales. You'd expect nothing less from Jay.

    H/t to Global Grind:

    1. Picasso Baby

    2. Heaven

    3. Versus

    4. Tom Ford

    5. Beach Is Better

    6. FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt

    7. Oceans

    8. F.U.T.W.

    9. Part II (On The Run)

    10. BBC

    11. La Familia

    12. Jay-Z Blue

    13. Nickles & Dimes