Mad Men Draws Lowest Ratings Since 2008

Echoing sentiments wondering why people watch the AMC drama Mad Men because of the show’s glamorization of an era where rampant misogyny and racism ran free, ratings seem to echo The Shadow League’s staffer sentiments.

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AMC reports that the show’s Sunday season seven premiere drew 2.3 million viewers, a third lower than the 3.4 million viewers who tuned in to watch the season six season premiere last year. And according to data compiled by Nielsen, Sunday’s ratings for Mad Men were the lowest since 2008.

Industry experts believe the viewer deficit had more to do with the fact that Mad Men aired after HBO’s hit fantasy series Game of Thrones, which averaged 6.3 million viewers on Sunday. Mad Men also went up against the MTV Movie Awards.

Sure, they can come with excuses.  But no matter what the reasons may be, AMC has a problem on hand. Yes, season seven is the final run for Mad Men. But producers would certainly rather have it go out with a bang than a whimper. Lucky for them, the seventh season is being split into two parts with the final seven episodes airing in the spring of 2015. The bad news is that Game of Thrones, which has posted its highest ratings ever, isn’t leaving the Sunday time slot anytime soon. This spells a much overdue final season doom to the Mad Men.


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