Game Of Thrones: Black Twitter Up In Arms Over Missandei’s Fate

Greyworm is about to go medieval on Cersei and King’s Landing.


If you haven’t watched episode 4 of Season 8 of “Game of Thrones”, you need to stop reading now.

If you did watch it like every true GOT fan, then you’re still heated after seeing the fate of Missandei.

The wrenching heartache felt by all Black GOT fans, as we watched Cersei toy with the life of Missandei last night, was both draining and downright abusive. Just when we thought Black people could actually live, and live together, in the Seven Kingdoms, they snatch it all away in true “Black characters in action/horror/sci-fi” movie fashion. In this case, the hopes of Greyworm and Missandei walking on the beach were obliterated when Cersei had her captured and executed, in front of Dany and Greyworm to boot.

Although we’re still trying to figure out how she got captured when everyone else from the ship she was on made it to shore, we’re all equally as devastated and downright ticked off. So Black Twitter did their thing and let their feelings be known. Here are a few of the best reactions: