Points On The Board: ForAllNerds’ DJ BenHaMeen

One of the pilots for the ForAllNerds’ spaceship stopped by to talk Avengers, Game Of Thrones, and more.

Points On The Board is a podcast where managing editor, Kyle Harvey, Shadow League contributors, and guests break down the top stories from sports, culture and more.

One of the pilots for the ForAllNerds’ spaceship, DJ BenHaMeen, stopped by to talk about arguably one of biggest weekends in film nerd history.

The Houston native sat down to discuss the Avengers: Endgame, Game Of Thrones, and the late John Singleton’s legacy.

Highlights include:

Houston upbringing

Life & Times at Howard University

Lessons learned from the late Combat Jack

Blog era rap

Who will win the Iron Throne

Singleton’s impact

Avengers Endgame takes

And more.


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