Louisiana Judge Orders Goodell, Refs To Be Deposed Over Worst Missed Call Ever

Last January in the NFC title game, the New Orleans Saints were marching down the field in what appeared to be the game-winning drive against the LA Rams.

With under two minutes to play and the score tied at 20 – 20, Brees threw a swing pass to Tommylee Lewis who came out of the backfield, giving us the now infamous play that New Orleans will never forget or forgive, and NFL fans worldwide will forever call the worst missed pass interference call ever.

The Rams went on to win the game and then were schooled by the Patriots in one of the most boring Super Bowls we’ve seen in recent history.

Six months later, Saints’ fans are still seething over the missed call, and rightfully so. Earlier this week, they received at least a little bit of support from Louisiana State Civil District Court Judge Nicole Sheppard of New Orleans took action.

Judge Sheppard ordered NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and three officials from that game, to be deposed over that egregious missed call that cost the Saints a possible trip to the Super Bowl.

The suit was brought by attorney Antonio LeMon, who alleged that fraud was committed by these officials. While other lawsuits of the same nature had failed to move forward, LeMon’s proceeded as he kept in state court, not federal, and he kept the damages to a relatively small amount ($75,000). In addition, LeMon stated that any proceeds from the case would go to the charity of former Saints’ player, Steve Gleason.

The suit will have its next hearing later in August, and the depositions are scheduled for September.

While Saints fans will never get over that play, especially if they don’t win another Super Bowl, this might give them a little comfort.

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