Lonzo Ball Goes From Lakers Franchise Player To Trade Chip In One Year

The narrative that has been lost in this LeBron James-to-the-Lakers free agency fantasizing that we all indulge in, is how quickly the highly touted, shrewdly marketed and so far overhyped career of Lonzo Ball has deteriorated to the point that after just one season, hes being mentioned as a trade chip in Magic Johnsons quest to build the ultimate Lakers Super Team in 2019.

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Should the Lakers trade Lonzo Ball?

The basketball world believes LeBron is going to LA. Different acquaintances of the King and media heads close to the situation have all offered their analysis on why Lebron is Hollywood bound.

Per sources cited by ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, Chris Paul is telling people that James “wants to be in Los Angeles.”

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According to Stephen A. Smith and his “sources”, Chris Paul has started telling people that LeBron James isn’t trying to come to Houston because he wants to be in Los Angeles. https://t.co/VCt8JiLidM https://t.co/OUOU0hebS9

Magic Johnson will do anything to make that happen and trading an untouchable player like Lonzo Ball isnt beyond the realm of possibility.

A full assessment of Balls play as a rookie was skewed by horrible shooting stretches and several injury stints that impeded his growth. The pressure he was playing under, the scrutiny and coverage as well as his father LaVars constant jabbering and media circus also had to weigh on him.

If you rewind one year to today, the opinion of Ball was the complete opposite than it is now. He was the center of the Lakers universe and the most talked about person — outside of his dad — in the sports world.

The Balls parlayed one season at UCLA and the masterminding marketing genius of LaVar into a small empire prior to Lonzo ever stepping on the court. Now he’s merely trade bait in Magic’s hunt for established superstars.

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Mark Jackson Says He’d Trade Lonzo Ball For Kawhi Leonard https://t.co/fv0PuTmnKO

Magic Johnson anointed Ball the centerpiece of the franchise and a sure shot superstar. The hyperbole was so overwhelming. The debates about his Dads tactics and Lonzos potential combined with the adulation Papa Ball received for how he milked the system and rebuked corporate control, made Lonzo and his brothers phenomenons.

Then the season hit and things didnt go too well. Lonzos jumper was dooky and it was apparent that he alone couldnt elevate the Lakers to the next level as was professed by all those who invested and co-signed his instant greatness.

Here we are, just one year from The 2017 Draft which was really theLonzo Ball Show and ESPN’s Chris Haynes reported Friday that Ball could potentially be used as a trade chip to acquire LeBron James from the Cavaliers.

There’s no way Balls Lakes career could be over in one season. That would mean that Magic admits he flopped with the Ball pick and also confirm that LaVar Ball is one of the elite scam artists and self promoters in the history of the sport. Hes Don King without the treachery.

People are fairweathered and as sports fans even more fleeting. The majority of Lakers fans wouldnt care who they traded if Magic could get Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, LeBron James and a fourth stud to hook up and challenge Golden State in 2019.

But any trade of Lonzo Ball, who was crowned the new prince of the city, would be another example of how the social media obsession makes superstars out of ordinary men and then tears them down and disgards them with no real concern once the next best thing hits the town.

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Lonzo Ball’s spot with the Lakers rocked by a potential LeBron James trade. https://t.co/062hqPr6S1

Deep down, I think LaVar Ball knew this. He knew the hype was too much, but he saw a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and a media lick so easy and guaranteed that he couldnt resist setting his family up for the future by putting it all on the line in the present.

While Lonzo has the loot and had the hype,  if theres any validity to reports that the Lakers will ship him out of town after an injury-plagued rookie season, then we can assume that he never gained the respect of the franchise and despite his dad being low key for months now, the damage has already been done.

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If LeBron goes to the Lakers, it’s likely Lonzo Ball gets traded: https://t.co/TBgcqFBLmU

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