Lonzo and LaVar Ball Keep It Funky On Jimmy Kimmel

Lonzo and LaVar Ball are gearing up for the NBA Draft, but their celebrity is already top choice as the father and son appeared on The Jimmy Kimmel Show on Monday night ready to take on the world again. 

Kimmel began by dousing Lonzo with all of the superlatives that have been thrown his way for the past year. Then Kimmel got into the NBA Draft, asking Lonzo and LaVar if their Lakers-only strong arm tactic is still in place.  

 We’re not shooting for No. 1 at all?  Kimmel asked them. We only want to play for the Lakers? 

 Lonzo responded, Yeah, thats kind of where we are trying to head to.

The main thing is just being home. Hometown kid. Im right here in LA where Im from. 

 Kimmel asked Lonzo about his interest in the Clippers. 

 They dont really have a chance, so no, Lonzo said, as the crowd bursted into starstruck laughter. 

Lonzo & LaVar Ball on Jimmy Kimmel’s Full Interview 6/12/17

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At one point, Kimmel jokingly said, “You guys are going to be in so much trouble by the time you leave here. 

 Thats when Pap Ball broke his silence and said, We dont get in trouble. We alright. We go our own way.

The guys exchanged some comical, pointless, late night TV banter for awhile. LaVar basically repeated the best of his outlandish comments. You know, the ones that always work for the Hollywood types. He dissed MJ again, beat his chest, promoted Big Baller. There was no new material or any revealing insights into the upcoming Draft. Kimmel kicked it with them with the same celebrity engagement that he would interview acting icons Goldie Hawn and daughter Kate Hudson. 

 I think its funny, Kimmel said, youre like stirring everybody up. Everybodys getting so mad at you guys.

 Kimmel asked them, Who’s going to be the best player of the three of you when its all said and done?

 Lonzo said, Im going to be the best by far.

 The time for the talk and hype to cease and for actions to speed loudly is quickly approaching for The Ball Family and they arent sweating anything. Not Jimmy Kimmel. Not reports that the Lakers may not draft Lonzo. Its easy to act that way when in essence, you already made it. 

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