Steph Curry & Tom Brady Drink From Same Fountain Of Youth | Chef Becomes Oldest Player To Score 50 Points And Drop 10 Dimes In A Game

The Golden State Warriors improved to a league best 9-1, with a 127-113 over the Atlanta Hawks during the Monday, Nov. 9, game. Warriors 2X NBA MVP Steph Curry went nuclear. He scored 50 points, grabbed 7 rebounds and dished out 10 assists — becoming the oldest player (33 years old) to have a 50-point, 10-assist game.

Curry was electric and stunted all over the Hawks. He was 14-28 from the field, including 9-19 from three, and a perfect 13-13 from the free-throw line.

Already the greatest shooter of all-time, Curry is still adding accolades, and when it’s all said and done will be making a case for top-10 all-time.

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Warriors head coach Steve Kerr remarked on his star’s performance after the game.

“That was just a stunning performance by Steph,” coach Steve Kerr said. “… He was amazing. I want to say I’ve never seen anything like it but I’ve been watching it for seven years, so I have seen something like it and still it’s just incredible to watch.”

The game was getting out of hand in the first half, as the young Hawks led by 15 and were torching the league’s best defense. But Curry’s continuous movement and shooting kept the team close, and then they exploded in the third quarter to take control and put the game away.

“It doesn’t get old, for sure,” Kerr said of Curry. “I think one thing I hope people realize when they’re watching him do what he did tonight is how competitive he is. He rises to the occasion over and over again because he loves a challenge and tonight was a huge challenge, down 15 against a team that is really talented … you could see Steph’s competitiveness on full display along with his skill.”

The final basket for his 50th point was a running 16-foot floater — SPLASH!

It is a marvel to watch what Curry does to NBA defenses, even though they know what’s coming. Many of his 50 points were scored over tight defense. But in this league, elite offense beats elite defense every time. Curry is on the short list of players in this league who, when they have it going, there isn’t anything you can do to stop it.

“It’s kind of hard to say because obviously you made the first two and they were both in rhythm, the way the ball comes off your hand feels good,” Curry said. “You kind of just stay in the moment and every possession it starts to kind of build on the previous one. Maybe going into the half, the shot that got us within four, the way the game had gone, you carry that momentum into the locker room, come out in the third quarter, that’s when you kind of start to wait for the avalanche to fall — and it did.”

At 33, with Curry playing at this level, Draymond Green playing like the Defensive Player of the Year, a roster that knows how to play in the Warriors’ read and react system, and the return of Klay Thompson — is this about to be Dynasty 2.0?

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