Like An R&B Classic, LeBron James And Kyrie Are Back Together Again

Most people never want their ex back under any circumstances.

And for good reason. Once the relationship is severed, theres nothing left. Both parties go their own way and avoid each other at all costs. 

Enter LeBron James.

Many fans waited Thursday night to see how the latest NBA All-Star Game gimmick would turn out.

This time around, the two biggest vote-getters – James and Steph Curry – would select the starting lineups from a pool of players voted as starters and reserves. The wrinkle was that it didnt matter what conference you played in.

Hence, you had the chance of getting unlikely guys from each conference playing on the same squad.

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Better yet, there was a chance for flat-out snubs, a chance to settle up on a beef.

Thats where James and Kyrie Irving, former partners in crime from Cleveland, come in.

They were quite a duo until Irving decided he had enough and forced his way off the Cavs.

Irving was blasted by many for demanding a trade so he could get away from James and instead lead his own team. Many looked at it as the ultimate slight by Irving to James.

Some, and rightly so, thought that James would never want anything to do with Irving again. After all, Irving was the one who wanted the divorce from the king. It was the ultimate boss move.

On The Herd with Colin Cowherd Thursday morning on FS1 and Fox Sports Radio, I suggested that James pick Irving with his first pick. I said James should be the bigger man in this rub.

Herd w/Colin Cowherd on Twitter

And with the 1st pick in the 2018 #NBAAllStar Draft…

NBA fans trashed me on Twitter and thought I was crazy to even suggest it. Many thought there was no way James would pick Irving for his team.

Guess again.

James, indeed, did pick his former closer, his Robin in the championship they won in Cleveland.

That was a grown man move by James. It was an olive branch, maybe even an admission that James didnt treat, handle Irving the right way when the two were still together.

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In a TNT interview after the selection process, James said the decision to pick Irving was an easy one.

James refused to say who was his first pick – Irving or Kevin Durant. I cant tell you (who went No. 1), man, James said on TV. I might have to kill you if I tell you. 

Many believe James picked Durant first. Doesnt matter. Bottomline is that James picked Irving. He didnt have to.

I just tried to pick the best available players. And to be able to team back up with Kyrie, its always special, James said.

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Kevin Durant throws a towel at Steph Curry during a postgame interview and yells “Team LeBron”

In this decision – which wasnt televised – James did the right thing.

And because James had the first pick of the available other players, it means Curry had the final pick.

That mean James actually had to pick Irving. He wasnt forced to take him because he was the last man on the board.

It tells you that James probably sees Irving in a different light now that hes gone. While James team has struggled and looked downright embarrassing at times, Irving has had big-time impact in Boston right way.

James would probably never say it, but he misses Irving and what he brings to the table.

The Cavs were better with Irving. Theres simply no denying that.

If James could get a re-do, now knowing how miserable playing in a post-Kyrie world actually is, he would have handled the situation differently. He might have tried to convince Kyrie not to leave.

Its normal to just want to get rid of someone when there is a rift. James was probably in shock that someone didnt want to be a part of his world anymore.

But now to see Irving, standing on his own two feet and a star in his own right, James cant help to admire what hes accomplished on his own.

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Plus, James is the ultimate pleaser and wants everybody to like him. It probably was killing him that Irving was good having moved on.

On Feb. 18th at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the pair will reunite, share the ball, play together and try to win the All Star Game.

James made it happen. It speaks volumes. It was the right thing to do.

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