LeVar Burton Targeted With Twitter Hate Meant For LaVar Ball

We don’t know what’s worse. Racist tweets targeting people of color or racist tweets that incorrectly target the wrong people of color. Turns out that latter has been happening for a little while, but most weren’t aware of it outside of LeVar Burton.

LeVar, star of shows like “Roots,” “Reading Rainbow” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, has been receiving ignorant tweets about things that he has said in regards to him being able to beat Michael Jordan in one-on-one and his sons being better than Magic Johnson and Steph Curry. Wait. Isn’t that LaVar Ball? Yes, you’re absolutely correct, but it turns out that some “special” people on Twitter have confused the two and started throwing hate at LeVar instead of LaVar.

Dot Matrix on Twitter

@levarburton LeVar you averaged 2.2 PPG, stop running your mouth about MJ. #shutup @MichaelJordaan

For The Win captured these winners as well.

Back in March, LeVar spoke with Bleacher Report about the hilariously ignorant mix-up and he actually said something very prophetic and pertinent to the current events over the last two weeks.

“You know what, he’s kind of like Trump.” said Burton in regards to LaVar Ball. “He’ll say anything and then double down on it and defy you to believe him. Just because someone says something doesn’t mean that it’s true. We live in an era of alternate facts. It’s sad, but that’s the world we’ve created.”

He’s 100% right about everything in that response, especially in regards to the world that’s been created through the evolution of Twitter, a world in which racists can’t even get their racism right.

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