Let The Shenanigans Begin | Is 50 Cent Using A Throwback Pic With Denzel Washington To Taunt Dwight Howard’s Latest Drama?

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is known for his online shenanigans, and now he has placed a soft target on basketball center Dwight Howard.

Fiddy took to Instagram and posted a picture of Denzel Washington sitting with him courtside during a Lakers-Warriors game in 2013 while talking to a standing Dwight Howard.

“@dangerookipawa [Top Dog Entertainment founder Anthony Tiffith] gonna say you made eye contact with Dwight Howard. Man me and Denzel thought that mother fvcker was alright man. WTF,” Jackson posted.

What Did He Mean?

The vague comment felt like a slight to Howard based on the current sexual assault allegations against him. What is unclear is whether 50 Cent was slightly homophobic, and the comment was to assert that he and Denzel wouldn’t have looked Howard in the eyes if they had known Howard’s sexual orientation.

Howard’s sexual assault lawsuit was filed by a man, which has opened commentary regarding the former Los Lakers Angeles Lakers player’s sexuality.

Howard seemed to take the comment in stride, posting, “Glad I put a smile on your face,” he wrote with a laughing emoji.

Howard’s accuser, Stephen Harper, filed a sexual assault lawsuit against Howard last month over an incident that allegedly happened in 2021. However, Howard’s attorney denied the allegations of assault on behalf of the player and said that Howard had “a private consensual encounter” that was “made public for profit.”

Harper is accusing Howard of a variety of things: sexual assault and battery, emotional distress, and false imprisonment. There have been reports that Howard was setting the man up for a tryst with another man unknowingly, and he decided to back out of the encounter.

Howard Claps Back

Howard addressed the lawsuit and the speculation on social media during an Instagram Live stream.

“Y’all can stop with the nonsense, worried about all this bullcrap. Mind your business,” said Howard in a response. “Whatever I’m doing in my bedroom is my damn business. Whatever you’re doing in your bedroom is your damn business, that ain’t for everybody. This sh-t didn’t even happen. You worried about the wrong stuff. That’s why it’s called an accusation. Allegedly. Come on, man.”

Howard believes Harper only filed the lawsuit because of financial gains,” he said in a statement and accused him of “continuous attempts to elicit payment” and “intimidation.”

With everyone from Boosie to the now 50 Cent lending their opinion, Dwight Howard is in a vulnerable pop culture spot.

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