Let Stacey Dash Live

Wait, so people are actually pissed at Stacey Dash because she’s voting for Mitt Romney? No, really, people are upset about this? When the story broke over the weekend I ignored it because, well, it’s not like I’m a big fan of her acting and, thus, I don’t care whom she votes for. I still don’t, but the backlash she’s getting is so imbecilic that I can’t avoid commenting. The idea that anyone should vote for or against any candidate based on race is a gigantic step backwards, a triumphant slap in the face to anyone who ever tried to avoid group-think and an assault on intelligence.

Also, and lets just say it, it’s reverse-racism. I’ve never used that term before and have lived my life pushing back against, not only that term, but also whatever inherent foolishness implied in it. But you guys have forced my hand on this one, fam. Imagine if this happened in reverse, where a white actress was made to feel bad because she didn’t tow the Republican line. A scenario like that would incite MSNBC pundits to bombard her mercifully and fans to protest her movies and TV appearances. Yet, here Stacey Dash is, just speaking from her own mind, having to dodge the hater bullets.  People threw words around like “oreo” — like she joined Hammerskin Nation or something. For those of you spouting this nonsense, take a look into the mirror and then spit on it.

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