LeBron To The Warriors In Free Agency Would Shut Down The Game

If the reports by ESPNs basketball beat guy Chris Haynes are accurate, then the NBA is shamefully content with allowing the rich to get richer, eliminating honest competition and crushing any hopes of small market franchises and teams that are not stacked with All-stars to ever win an NBA championship again.  

Chris Haynes on Twitter

ESPN Sources: LeBron James could meet with Golden State Warriors during free-agency. https://t.co/6VACFDFf4M

Even more disgusting are the reports that LeBron James would be willing to meet with the Warriors if Golden State was able to clear cap space enough and open up another max salary spot. Haynes reports that out of respect, LeBron would have to listen to the Warriors, a team with the culture and stability he respects in organizations such as the Celtics and Spurs. If they had their books in order, hed owe them the respect of listing,” Haynes said. 

This Super Team trend is getting a bit ridiculous. 

Why is LeBron James allowed to bail every time a situation gets overwhelming for him or he doesn’t get his way?  And why do people give him passes like his birthright is to win an NBA championship? Theres nothing in his 3-5 NBA Finals series record that says he is automatically supposed to have the best team in the league with all of the best players and automatically win. The fever of competition in the NBA is supposed to be at a high pitch and at least give the appearance of being somewhat balance. 

The basketball world went in a frenzy when KD joined Golden State and created a Super Team Dynasty. Purists were appalled at how KD ran to the team that beat him in the Conference Finals the previous season. The move was criticized as unboss-like and weak to some extent. Even after KD cleaned it up with an NBA finals MVP, out-dueling LeBron, people now expect him to win championships. There is no journey or grind to be amazed by. Just the ease at which he can do what he’s most lethal at because they have supreme specialists at every position.  

If LeBron takes the same route, which we all know is a super long shot right now, that will officially be the end of pro hoops as we know it. The competition and balance will have officially been sucked out of the sport.   

People might laugh at this now, but never say never. Its an easy way for Born to grab a couple more chips on the way out of the door and at least tie Jordan. He would be in a reduced role and have an abundance of talent surrounding him, although Brons entrance might spell the exit for someone like Klay Thompson. 

A sign-and-trade scenario would be the most realistic way for Golden State to acquire James. The Warriors could build an offer around Thompson and Andre Iguodala to match salary and tempt the Cavaliers into making a deal. Still, a ton of contract maneuvering would have to happen.  

SLAM Magazine on Twitter

Golden State could package Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala in a sign-and-trade for LeBron James, per @ChrisBHaynes. https://t.co/wtyqLzypx8

This offseason, James is expected to decline his $35.6 million player option and become an unrestricted free agent for the third time in his career.  Frustration, injuries, losing, a falling out with owner Dan Gilbert and the reality of Kyrie Irving’s departure has slowly deteriorated James’ celebrated homecoming. 

Again, this report if far fetched right now, but never say never when dealing with LeBron. He’s reaching the twilight of a transcending run, and there’s a new way of Super Team building that James himself brought to the NBA with the Miami Heat back in the days when he made his historical and unforgettable Decision to take his talents to South Beach. 

We have seen it before. 

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