LeBron Texts KD And Steph After Watching Team USA Get Beat Down By Dillon Brooks And Canada | Who Will Suit Up For Team USA In 2024?

Team USA lost to Canada in overtime on Sunday and failed to medal at the FIBA World Cup. According to reports, LeBron James is leading a group of the NBA’s best players to suit up for the red, white, and blue for the Paris Olympics in 2024. If LeBron does organize a group of players, who else would commit?

LeBron Does Everything For A Reason

Let’s get a couple things out of the way. There were players who did not participate for Team USA in the FIBA World Cup who already planned to commit to the Olympics in 2024 before Bron leaked to Shams Charania that he wants to suit up.

We know Bron is calculated and does everything for a reason. Coming off Team USA’s failure at the World Cup, news that Bron wants to play for the team again will dominate the headlines.

NBA players value their summers and time off, particularly established superstars who have additional commitments all year long. The only summer basketball tournament that gets the NBA’s best attention is the Olympics.

The World Cup (formerly World Championships) and the Americas tournament don’t rate high on the priority list for American NBA players, especially superstars.

The U.S. Still Has The Best Depth And Talent

The team that represented the U.S. at FIBA World Cup wasn’t bad. They lost to the eventual champions, Germany, by two points and went to overtime in the Bronze medal game against Canada. The margins were very thin.

If as reported Bron is gathering a contingent of players ready to commit that includes Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis, Jayson Tatum and Draymond Green, it looks like Team USA will have no trouble winning gold in Paris next summer.

It has also been reported that Devin Booker, Damian Lillard, De’Aaron Fox and Kyrie Irving have serious interest in committing.

An Olympic basketball roster is 12 deep. Let’s assume in the backcourt you have: Curry, Booker, Irving and Lillard. In the front court: Davis, Durant, Green, James, and Tatum. There are three roster spots left, add Joel Embiid, Jimmy Butler, and Mikal Bridges. That’s a loaded roster.

The U.S. still has the most depth and talent in the sport than any other country. But the talent gap has closed. This isn’t 1992. Of the top 10 players in EPM last season, four are international. You can’t just assemble any team and expect to win every international tournament.

Not to mention the U.S. is the measuring stick. International hoopers dream of playing for their country and defeating Team USA. For every international player, winning the gold for their country and defeating the U.S. means far more than an NBA championship.

The sky isn’t falling for USA basketball, but if they want to win every international tournament then they have to take it seriously.

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