LeBron James Says Keeping Up With KD Isn’t Wearing Him Down

Cleveland is down 2-0 in these NBA Finals and its about that time when LeBron James usually gets really ornery and hyper-focused on righting the ship. I’m sure he has no problem with facing a 2-0 challenge. It’s not ideal, but he has faced bigger odds before. Just last season in fact. The media, however, seems to be getting on his nerves. Especially when they say anything critical of his performance or ask him legit questions like if guarding KD was taking its toll on the 32-year-old with more playoff mileage than anyone in the NBA. 

Durant has been scorching the Cavs and every defender in his wake through the first two games.  

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LBJ on if guarding KD wears him out: “I’m averaging a triple-double in the Finals. I’m pretty good.” https://t.co/efFbV9VqDB

From the look of today’s brief presser, LeBron is a man of few words right now and cant wait to touch that court in Cleveland. Just like when he told everyone he had nothing to prove, he disregarded the question as being absurd and he kind of clowned the reporter for asking it. Nevertheless, should a a guy who is considered the ultimate ball distributor and team enhancer and has nothing to prove except title-stacking, refer to personal statistics to defend a perceived attack?

LeBron James Game 2 Triple-Double Highlights vs Warriors 2017 Finals – 29 Pts, 14 Ast, 11 Reb

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LeBron’s response was also a backhanded swipe at his supporting cast and a public indictment of their overall play. It’s also a hint that Cavs coach Tyronn Lue needs to get on his job because last season’s championship love affair is over. The series is flying by him and he needs to make some adjustments. The again, Bron told them months ago they didn’t have enough playmakers, so he feels like he’s doing enough. Somebody better step up quick or heads are going to roll in Cleveland for 2018. 




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