LeBron James’ Promise Extends To A HealthQuarters In His Hometown Of Akron | LBJ Looking Like The Humanitarian GOAT

LeBron James is adding to his already incredible legacy with his latest venture, opening the I Promise HealthQuarters, a multimillion-dollar medical facility in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, in 2023.

According to a tweet from the LeBron James Family Foundation (LJFF), the I Promise HealthQuarters will offer: medical and dental services, optometry, mental health, and pharmaceutical and lab services.

The HealthQuarters services will be available to students, families, and the entire community, according to the LBJ Family Foundation.

The Billy GOAT

“When our families expressed a need for more health care services…we went to work,” LJFF posted on Instagram. “Today, we’ve come together with 3 organizations, axesspointe, colemanservices, & Peg’s Foundation to create I Promise HealthQuarters to offer a variety of services ALL under one roof.”

James has kept his promise to give back as his star has risen exponentially over the years from a breakout high school basketball player at St. Vincent – St. Mary’s High School in Akron. He is creating a veritable one-stop for his community, becoming the change we all seek in underserved environments.

Health x Care

“As we continue to listen and respond to what our families need, our work continues to expand in ways we never dreamed of,” executive director of LJFF Michele Campbell said to Complex.

“Access to affordable health care has always been a critical need for our families – and further heightened by the pandemic – so we began rallying our community to bring the experts together under one trusted roof. Being able to provide this important resource for the entire community is only possible because we have incredible partners that share our We Are Family philosophy.”

James is making history daily as Forbes announced him as the first-ever actively playing NBA billionaire a few days ago. The valuation was based on his numerous investments in media, restaurants, and more; his basketball ability has been the catalyst for many opportunities that have seen his close friends all become successful with him.

In Deference To

More importantly, James has been fearless in the face of those who would like him to ‘shut up and dribble’ about societal issues he passionately feels about. James is unique in that he not only starts and finishes projects for his community, but he compounds them, pushing their impact further and further to help a vast swath of people in his Ohio community and beyond.

Although he is not playing in the postseason and his Los Angeles Lakers had a subpar performance during the regular season with the star power filling the bench, James has never shied away from his assumed position as a role model.

Now with reports surfacing that James advocates an NBA team coming to Las Vegas, his influence and ubiquity are looking more like a potential NBA franchise owner than ever.

As one of the faces of the NBA globally, James shows that although there are 24 hours in a day, we are not all using them the same.

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