LeBron James Is Reviving The Chalk Toss This Season

Lebron James is bringing back the pre-game ritual of tossing baby powder in the air before games.   Apparently he's doing it for the fans, so people in the front rows, get ready to sneeze again.  

From ESPN :

A pregame staple for years, James abruptly stopped the practice during the 2011 playoffs and hasn't gone back to it. He said it was one of the things fans commonly asked about when they saw him or through social media, so he decided over the summer to revive it.

"It's just me," James said after the Miami Heat's practice Wednesday at the Atlantis Resort. "I love my fans and they wanted it back. They wanted me to do it, so it's back."

Since James got rid of the chalk toss he’s been more serious about the game and that has helped lead him to two championships. The chalk toss showed the more funny and confident side of him. Now that the funny side of Lebron is back can we see “The Lebron’s” Nike commercials again ? Anything for the fans right ?