LBJFF to Open Community Hub With Job Training & Financial Literacy Education in Akron

TIME’s Sean Gregory reports: “On Tuesday, the world will find out: the LeBron James Family Foundation (LJFF) plans to announce the latest step in its efforts to transform Akron: a 60,000-square-foot venue, called House Three Thirty—a nod to the city’s area code—which promises to offer a variety of services and opportunities, such as financial-literacy advice, job training and recreational activities for area youth.

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The foundation says these and other House Three Thirty amenities, like dining space, coffee bar and private card room, will be available to the entire Akron community.”

Lebron James tells TIME: “House 330 is going to be a sanctuary for our families….It’s going to be a place where all our families can grow and learn. This will be a hub for everything possible our families will need.”


The foundation is partnering with JP Morgan Chase to provide a dedicated space where bankers will offer families specialized advice and other products to improve financial health, JPMorgan Chase chairman and CEO

Jamie Dimon tells TIME: “You’d think schools would be teaching financial education. Just like they should be teaching wellness and health and nutrition. All these studies show you start to save, you continue to save.

These communities, white or Black, that are underbanked, or unbanked, it’s partially because the people don’t trust banks. They don’t really understand them, they don’t know them, they’re not coming and walking in them.

Part of it is that we have to reach out. These community centers are a great way to reach out to people and just bring them in. Explain saving products, how checking accounts work, how you can get a checking account for your kids, start them on the process of saving.”

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LeBron James continues to empower the Black community, use his influence to provide enhanced education and mental health and opportunities for the young African-American leaders of tomorrow.

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