LeBron Denies Space Jam 2 Rumor

Film and TV news site deadline.com is getting the major side-eye from millions, after posting a story that set off the weekend, claiming LeBron James was set to star in a sequel to the 1996 hit Space Jam starring Michael Jordan. Twitter was ablaze at the report. Space Jam trended as the number one topic. Numerous sites (Not The Shadow League) jumped on the story, posting blogs, and features, touting James as the official Jordan 2k, proven once and for all by this appearance in Space Jam. The Deadline article even claimed that Dicker Eberson’s sons, Charlie and Willie, were behind the project that was rumored to have numerous NBA stars attached to it.

But no. This was all BS. Made up crap. Rumors masquerading as facts found out by ESPN’s Brian Windhorst who spoke to LeBron’s camp that revealed the truth. Souping us up for nothing.


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