Law & Order: SVU Offers Its Take On Chris Brown And Rihanna

Law & Order creator Dick Wolf has become synonymous with his serial drama's regular "ripped from the headlines" episodes. On Wednesday night, SVU took aim at hip-hop's dysfunctional couple du jour, Chris Brown and Rihanna.

Fake Chris Brown, known in the episode as Caleb Bryant, and fake Rihanna, here known as Mischa, are two young, popular singers in puppy love. But when Mischa tells Caleb to stop flirting with a “beef cookie” at a recording studio, he brutally beats her up in front of three witnesses. –

The episode concludes with "Caleb" and "Mischa" flying to Bermuda where Mischa is beaten to death.  The script was written for publicity purposes in mind and was marketed heavily throughout the week. Ultimately, it served its purpose. The hype surrounding the episode's leadup likely resulted in a ratings spike for last-place NBC.

It doesn't deserve getting to bent out of shape for though. Law & Order treats its subjects like South Park does Kenny and the writing staff loves to use its creative licensing to take shots at unpopular celebrities or pop culture figures.

Oh yeah, they also killed off fake Sean Carter as well. Needless to say, opinions were mixed.

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