LaVar Ball Says All Three Of His Sons Will Be Lakers By 2020

The Ball Brothers have been making media waves since arriving in Lithuania and making folks go crazy like it was a Spice Girls reunion tour. When LaVar Ball announced that he was taking his youngest son LaMelo out of high school, withdrawing LiAngelo, aka Sticky Fingaz, from UCLA and taking them overseas to join a Lithuanian pro squad, Twitter doubters and media opponents of LaVars tactics painted the move as disastrous and detrimental to the well-being of his sons. 

Three days into their auspicious arrival, LaVar reveals his ultimate goal, which is to have his three sons on the Lakers together by 2020, and we are quickly seeing that this Lithuania move is just a quicker and less inhibitive way of achieving that goal. 

Sports Illustrated on Twitter

January 5, 2018: LaVar Ball says his three sons will be playing for the Lakers by 2020

If LaVar pulls this off without either of his sons competing in college and being under the strict rules and guidelines of the NBA, then he would have truly changed the game. Hes already set the standard for an unprecedented wave of athlete empowerment.  

While respected and revered media pundits question The Big Baller strategy and the talent level of Melo, LiAngelo and Lonzo, as he experiences his well-scrutinized ups and downs as an NBA rookie, LaVar continues to formulate his own aggressive and winning strategy. He bops past all haters and keeps his mind focused on the money and the game plan of success for his sons. 

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