LaVar Ball’s Nutty WWE Appearance Stole My Son’s Innocence

Reports that LaVar ball was working out a situation to appear on WWE Monday Night Raw were accurate as LaVar and Ball Brothers LaMelo and Lakers recent draft pick Lonzo appeared on The Miz TV segment of the wildly popular wrestling show on Monday night. I was interested to see what silly skit they might have LaVar do and was anticipating a body slam or two from someone. My son, who is an avid wrestling fan wasn’t too interested in some hoops guys messing up his RAW festivities, but he respects Lonzo, so he decided to check it out with me. 

It was a mistake, because I think I destroyed my son’s youthful innocence as well as his belief in pro wrestling, the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus with one viewing of another LaVar Ball publicity stunt. 

Lavar Ball and the Ball Brothers on WWE RAW | Lavar loses his mind

Put your shirt back on Lavar before someone beats dat ass.

I guess WWE minds wanted to do something to get NBA fans to sneak away from the first inaugural NBA Awards. The Miz held his championship belt in one hand, the microphone in the other and introduced the Ball family to the world of WWE mania. 

My guest willed his (goals) into existence, this past Thursday at the NBA Draft. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome LaVar and member of the 2019 UCLA recurring class, LaMelo Ball. 

The crowd was somewhat amused, but there was no raucous standing ovation. LaVar and Melo emerged from the tunnel and then LaVar, needing to do something crazy to show ownership of the situation, ran wildly up the ramp and dove into the ring and laid on his back like a puppy waiting to get petted. Then he got up and gave Miz a soul brother dap before grabbing the microphone and yelling Big Baller brand in the house. This what we do. 

Steve Noah on Twitter

LaVar Ball man… LMAO

There were some boos that littered in the crowd, but as he always does, LaVar used his secret weapon to turn those boos into cheers. 

Welcome with no further ado, The Miz said, the face of the Ball Family,  Lonzo Ball. 

Then Lonzo came running out to the podium to join them. Mannequins wearing Big Baller brand clothing and the thousands of fans in attendance provided the background as the Ball family sat on high stools in the middle of the ring.  

Im happy to be at the Staples Center as a Laker for the first time, Lonzo said. 

The crowd went wild. 

The funniest part was when LaVar told Miz his celebrity cred wasn’t lit enough to partner with the Big Baller Brand. LaVar and Miz entered into a dissing contest, which looked as scripted as it did forced, but again, it served its purpose as far as LaVar’s intentions to build the Big Baller Brand. 

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It was slightly amusing and then turned into an unwatchable joke when LaVar took off his shirt. For the first time in my sons 11 years, he questioned the authenticity of wrestling. 

What is this a comedy show? he asked with a look of disgust and lack of understanding on his face. 

Welcome to the world of show business son. 

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