LaVar Ball Ensures That Lonzo’s An NBA Attraction Every Night

LaVar Ball is still pouring it on thick, pumping his chest out and speaking with confidence when referencing his son Lonzo, who has had an up and down roller coaster ride during first 20 NBA games. Despite the premature assessment that he’s a bust, Lonzo seems to be quietly finding some consistency and a flow to his game.

LaVar is like the media hype man saying and doing what he has to do to make sure the spotlight is on Big Baller Brand and Lonzo, regardless of how the young playmaker performs. LaVar set up Wednesday nights showdown with Steph Curry and the Lakers to perfection before the season even began, when he was riding the wave of his newfound celebrity and power and said that Lonzo was better than Steph Curry right now. 

LaVar Ball doubles down, says Lonzo Ball is better than Steph Curry | UNDISPUTED

Is LaVar Ball right about Lonzo Ball? He joined Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss what makes his son so great.

The Warriors ended up winning a shootout last night, 127-123 to improve to 16-6 and Curry had 28 points, 13 of those coming in overtime to help seal the deal. But Lonzo had the spotlight on him as usual and he chipped in 15 points and 10 assists and even has First Take host Stephen A. Smith  recanting those bust statements he made a few weeks back. 

What stood out to me was the AGGRESSION of Lonzo Ball. I must confess, I was presently surprised,” Smith said in his show’s opening segment. “He stepped up and tried to embrace the challenge which is all Ive been asking for. Be aggressive. Go out there and make those mistakes, but strive to make things happen, instead of looking like a spectator. When I saw him hit the two back-to-back three-pointers I almost fainted.

Despite the fact that Steph ate the entire Lakers squad alive in OT, LaVar didnt backtrack on his previous statements after the game. 

“Until I die, I will always think my son is better than Steph Curry. Always! , LaVar exalted. Ive trained my son, I know what hes about. You know what Stephs about. He could be a 10-time MVP! I still dont think hes better than my son!”

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VIDEO: LaVar still says Lonzo is better than Steph.

The Lonzo Ball saga continues. We are barely into December and he is still getting analyzed, critiqued, praised and dissected by everyone with a sports voice. LaVar is eating it up and it seems that BBB has recovered quickly from LiAngelo’s China incident. 

Trumps Twitter attacks, which led to Balls CNN appearance, put a heavy spotlight on Big Baller Brand and LaVar.  The embarrassment of the shoplifting was short lived. The end result was a heightened visibility for the brand.  

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Big Baller Breakdown: LaVar discusses end of the Warriors-Lakers game (via @ChrisBHaynes)

They got the game of promotion and devotion on lock. LaVar sets them up in the media and Lonzo knocks them down as much as he can right now as his game progresses. 

LaVar says just enough to make every Lakers game become a battle of publicity and individuality between Lonzo and whatever opposing superstar comes to town. Regardless of Lonzos stats, the perception is already there that he is on par with Steph Curry, LeBron, Damian Lillard or John Wall – whoever he faces. 

LaVar makes his media cronies ask NBA players questions about Lonzo that they may not even be thinking about answering. He invades their mental space without lifting a finger, thrusting the conversation to Lonzo and forcing a credible NBA MVP to speak about the Lakers rookie.  

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Steph Curry on facing Lonzo Ball for the first time, people trying to change his shot and whether the LaVar comments last year are extra motivation (“No. More comic relief.”)

LaVar is playing puppet master with the NBA and the media, and if you continue to say that Lonzo is not the beneficiary of LaVar’s masterful, maniacal mouth service, then you arent paying attention. 

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