Lance Stephenson Is Down For Whatever

With Danny Granger returning to the Pacers rotation next season, Lance Stephenson might have to take all the strides he made last season back to the bench. 

That's not really an issue for Stephenson, though, because now he knows how important his role is on the team. Part of the Pacers' issue against the Heat in the playoffs was that they were short-handed and couldn't matchup with Miami's depth. 

Indiana made a couple of decent offseason moves to shore up the bench, adding Luis Scola and Chris Copeland. 

This was Stephenson when asked by the Indianapolis Star if he'd be OK with giving up his starting spot for Granger. 

"I’m just coming in to play hard. Whatever coach (Frank Vogel) decides to do, I think it’s a great decision. Me coming off the bench, Danny coming off the bench, either way, we’re deep. Whatever helps the team, that’s what I want to do."

The Pacers already have stars in Paul George, Roy HIbbert and Granger. All Stephenson really needs to do is buy in and go bananas when his number is called.