Lance Armstrong Has Beef With The UFC

Armstrong gets at “The Golden Snitch” over “Bones”.

UFC, we have a problem.

UFC 232’s polarizing effect has crept into everyone’s mind sparking outrage from those not even associated with MMA.

Former cycling star, Lance Armstrong spoke out against UFC VP Jeff Novitzki regarding his handling of the Jon Jones tainted sample debacle.  The beleaguered Tour de France champion had some choice words for Novitzki on Joe Rogan’s Instagram page:–5_orTWDa–/c_scale,w_600/v1545959928/IMG_4685.jpg

Popularly known as “The Golden Snitch”, Jeff Novitzki appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast to discuss UFC 232. The question on everyone’s mind: Why should Jon Jones be exempt from reproach?

Rogan is a UFC color commentator and a prominent voice in the sport of MMA. Rogan came to Jones’ defense early which seems like yet another employee aiding their boss.

Novitzky made his reputation as the nation’s top steroid cop by shooting big stars out of the sky. He has ruined the legacies of athletes such as Barry Bonds, Lance Armstrong, and Marion Jones.

After leading the investigation of BALCO, that ensnared Bonds and Jones, Novitzky has gone from government to the private sector. As the “vice president of health and performance” for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Novitzky has installed an anti-doping program that he thinks tops anything else in professional sports.

The fact that it couldn’t stop trace amounts from entering Jones system or convince the Nevada State Athletic Commission to license Jones is a mystery.

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