Tyson Fury Is Done With Boxing “B*****s” And Could Fight In A Cage Under These Conditions

Tyson Fury is moving forward with his mega-fight against former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou. Now “The Gypsy King” is taking it further and saying that he is done with traditional boxers at this point in his career. At a press conference ahead of his Oct. 28 showdown in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Fury let the world know his fight plans.

“I want to get this fight won, and I’m looking to fight big, big stars,” Fury said at the press conference in Saudi Arabia. “Next on the list is Jon Jones. I’m gonna kick his ass! Another UFC fighter!”

The world has been waiting for Fury to fight Oleksandr Usyk for the undisputed heavyweight championship. However, after Usyk’s difficult win over Daniel Dubois, which Dubois is currently contesting, Fury is looking to the new MMA meets boxing hybrid fights.

Keep Your Undisputed Dreams

“Has it ever been my priority?” Fury continued rhetorically. “Did I ever say I wanted undisputed? It’s always been some little b***h’s dream, ain’t it. I’ve got Francis Ngannou to deal with and should the other little sausage want to fight for undisputed then, you know, if he takes a small percentage then we might make it happen. But he wants a large bag that I’m gonna say no thank you.”

If the terms are correct, Fury also made it clear that he is willing to enter the cage and fight an MMA fighter on their turf.

“I told you I’d go in the cage with Ngannou, for sure,” Fury said to Top Rank Boxing before the press conference. “And I would fight Jon Jones also in a cage if the money was right. [Four-ounce gloves] would make me a lot more devastating, and it’s something that I’m quite accustomed to. Like I said, me and my brother were always wrestling up and down. Loads of us, we’re always punching all of each other.”

Bye-Bye, Boxers

Although Fury is known for his erratic and bombastic statements, he has backed them up as an undefeated heavyweight boxer and is now facing one of the most feared MMA fighters ever. For heavyweight boxers like Deontay Wilder and others who want a crack at the Fury’s WBC boxing title, think again.

“A lot of b*****s; AJ, Usyk, Wilder, Ruiz,” Fury said. “I class them as little B’s now. You know, they’ve all had the opportunity to fight the GK and they all turned it down for whatever reason. So good luck to them. Now they’re in the past. I’m looking forward to bigger, better things.”

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